COVID-19 Office Closure

Instructions for our Patients



  • Please continue to wear rubber bands as prescribed
  • What if I have run out of rubber bands?
    Please call our office. We will be happy to mail them to you.


  • What if I have a broken brace?
    At this time we are unable to safely use a high speed hand piece that is needed to remove glue in order to replace the brace. It’s okay, we will fix your brace when we are able to see you again.
  • What if I have a wire poke?
    We will do our best to get you comfortable. At this time we are only able to see patients in office for severe emergencies. If able, cut wire with nail clippers and/ or place wax. If you have developed a sore don’t forget to use warm salt water rinse. If it persists please call our office.


  • We are unable to retie your exposure coils at this time. Don’t worry! Your coils are continuously active.


  • Continue to wear and change aligners as prescribed
  • Once you have finished all of your aligners, continue to wear your last aligner at least 12 hour a day.
  • If you lose or break an aligner wear the last worn aligner.
  • If wearing rubber bands, continue to wear as prescribed. If you run low or out of rubber bands call the office we will mail them to you.


  • Please complete your turns as instructed, then stop turning your expander. If you have questions or concerns, please call the office.


  • Continue to wear as prescribed
  • Lost or broken retainers – please contact our office. With our digital scanning & 3D printing, we will print your last scan & mail you your retainer.


  • Continue to wear as prescribed
  • If you are having problems with your appliance fitting, please call the office.

Any concerns that need our personal attention please call our office office.