The purpose of this appliance is to bring your lower jaw forward to correct your bite or to open up a deep bite.

To Put In

Place the metal clasp hooks onto your upper molars. The metal bar in the middle will be along the roof of your mouth. Push firmly on the right and left sides to make sure your appliance is all the way on. Do not push up in the middle. This could weaken or break the appliance.

To Take Out

Pull down on both clasp hooks together.

How Often to Wear

  • Wear your appliance for 24 hours (take out for meals and brushing your teeth)


  • Around the house and through the night sleeping (take out for meals and brushing your teeth)

Remember, keep your appliance in your case when you are not wearing it. Wrapping it in a tissue will not protect it. Animals like to chew on these, and if it falls on a hard surface, the plastic could crack. Bionators are expensive to repair and replace.

You may, for the next few days, have some soreness in your molar teeth and cheek muscles. Make sure you wear your appliances every day and avoid taking it in and out often. Once you are used to it, the soreness will go away. If it doesn’t, please call.

To Clean

  • Brush your appliance two to three times daily with your toothbrush (you can use toothpaste too).
  • Use room temperature/cool water. Never soak in hot or boiling water.
  • A denture cleaner can be used monthly if needed. Soak for 30 minutes. Do not do it every day.

When to Call

  • Your appliance is too loose – it falls off your teeth
  • Sore spots appear on gum tissue by metal clasp hooks
  • Acrylic (plastic) or clasps break

We will be checking your progress every eight to ten weeks. At those appointments, we do check to make sure your bionator is fitting properly, so remember to have it with you.