Lip Bumper

The purpose of a lip bumper is to widen the lower arch to help with crowding of your lower teeth and to move the six-year molars back in the mouth.

How Often to Wear

  • The lip bumper stays in for 24 hours. You do not remove it to eat meals or while brushing your teeth
  • If you play the trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, or tuba, remove the lip bumper only while playing. Place it in your instrument case so you do not lose it. For all other instruments, leave the lip bumper in while playing.

To Clean the Lip Bumper

Brush the plastic on the lip bumper every morning and at night. Place bristles of your brush on the lip bumper and gently scrub.

When to Remove the Lip Bumper

  • If sores develop on the gum tissue by the loops located in front of the band on the molar or directly in front of the lower teeth, start using a salt water gargle three times daily to help heal the sores. Call the office for an appointment to check sores and lip bumper.
  • If one side comes out of the tube and you can not get the lip bumper back in, please call to make an appointment.
  • If lip bumper is touching the teeth or gums in front, please make an appointment.

If the lip bumper has been removed, place it in a baggie so it doesn’t get lost. Remember to bring it to your next appointment.

To Remove

Slide lip bumper forward, pulling one side out at a time (be careful not to play with the lip bumper when it is out by pulling on the ends, etc.)

To Place In

Take one end of the lip bumper and slide into the tube on the band. Make sure the loops are facing down. Locate tube on other side and slide that end into that tube. Give a final push on the front of the lip bumper.


If you are wearing rubber bands to your lower metal bands on the molars and had to take your lip bumper out, do not wear the rubber bands until the lip bumper is back in.