Oral Hygiene

  1. The first time oral hygiene is discussed is at the new patient exam when the treatment coordinator reviews the importance of excellent oral hygiene and relates it to the “Wooden Nickel” incentive program. A picture of decalcification is shown to the patient and parent with an explanation as to how this occurs. The “Sip All Day” pamphlet is reviewed and it is stated that two soda drinks in a month is an acceptable amount consumed during orthodontic treatment.
  2. It is recommended that the patient be seen every three to six (3-6) months for a prophylaxis with their general dentist during active orthodontic treatment.
  3. For patients going through comprehensive orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene instructions are given to each patient the day the braces are placed. These instructions coincide with our “Oral Hygiene Program” which included the Oral-B Triumph power toothbrush to be used with the PreviDent 5000 Booster combination fluoride/toothpaste. This prescription fluoride/toothpaste is only for use by the patient going through orthodontic treatment with Dr. Youngquist.
  4. When an oral hygiene concern is noticed, the technician will show the patient and parent the areas of concern. They will review tooth brushing and flossing techniques, and possibly suggest the use of a Sulca-brush and demonstrate its use. The patient is then asked to come back in one week to check their oral hygiene status and a hygiene postcard is sent out to the general dentist to inform them of our concern.
  5. If oral hygiene is not improved within one week, the technician will again demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques and set up one more hygiene check appointment. At this time the patient and parent are informed that if there is no improvement with the patient’s hygiene, a consultation will be set up to discuss discontinuation of orthodontic treatment.
  6. Oral hygiene is a very important part of treatment and needs to be evaluated at every appointment with patients, and informing parents of any concerns.