Patient Incentive


Since patient compliance is the single most important aspect of achieving excellent orthodontic results, we feel that a reward for patients undergoing active treatment who follow the rules is a good incentive.

The following is a description of the incentive system. Every time a patient is seen for his or her scheduled appointment, the patient will be evaluated and graded in FOUR areas of cooperation:

  1. Tooth brushing, flossing, and general oral health maintenance
  2. Wearing of rubber bands, headgear, removable appliances, etc. (as directed)
  3. Lost appliances or broken braces
  4. Showing up on time and keeping appointments at regularly scheduled intervals

For each of these categories that a patient receives a grade of “EXCELLENT” in cooperation, he or she earns a “WOODEN NICKEL.” Patients must be graded an “EXCELLENT” for their tooth brushing before they are eligible to receive a nickel in any of the other categories. If they get a “WOODEN NICKEL” in all four categories, then they will receive a BONUS nickel. Thus, it is possible to receive up to five nickels at each appointment.

These nickels are then used to buy merchandise at our store, which has a variety of items to purchase, such as cassettes, CDs, T-shirts, Walkman, radios, cameras, watches, etc. The value of each item will be marked so that you can see how many nickels you will need to save in order to purchase the desired item.

So it’s up to you – the better you cooperate, the more nickels you have to spend!

After a patient is seen three times for a broken brace, lost lip bumper, or headgear during active treatment, there will be a fee thereafter for each occurrence.

Please call or ask us at your next appointment if you have any questions regarding our policies.

It is our intention now, as it always has been, to provide the best results possible for our patients. This system is designed with that in mind.

Thank you for choosing us to provide your orthodontic services.