You’ve made it! But, you’re not quite done with us yet. You’ve now entered in your final stage of treatment called retention.

The retainers are designed to hold your teeth in their corrected position until your bones and gums have adapted to the change.

You will need to wear your retainer as instructed:

  1. All the time (take it out for meals) or,
  2. Around the house and at night sleeping (take it out for meals) or,
  3. At bedtime only

Failure to wear your retainer can result in the retainer not fitting properly and/or shifting of the teeth.

To clean the retainer:

Brush out the retainer with a toothbrush every day and use room temperature water (NEVER HOT). You can use toothpaste, too.

Handle the retainer with care:

Please put the retainer in the provided case when not wearing it. Wrapping it in a napkin does not protect it. Retainers can be damaged if they’re stepped on, fall on the floor, or even if animals pick them up. Retainers are expensive to replace so take care of them!

We will continue to see you periodically. At those appointments we do check to make sure your retainer still fits properly, so remember to bring it with you.

Let us know if your retainer does not fit or if you have any concerns regarding your teeth.