Sterilization Info

For an infection to occur, three conditions must exist simultaneously:

  1. There must be virulent disease-causing microbes.
  2. There must be a way for these microbes to get inside your body.
  3. You must be a suitable host.

Unless ALL three conditions exist you will not be infected.

My staff and I follow the most recent Infection Control Guidelines from the American Association of Orthodontists. We believe that all procedures to protect our patients and ourselves should be based on valid scientific documentation. It has been recognized that orthodontics, unlike most of dentistry, involves frequent patient contact and NON-INVASIVE procedures (treatment that does not cause bleeding). Therefore, some of the infection control techniques here may be different from what you see at your regular dental office. These techniques are based upon state-of-the-art information, and have been carefully considered by recognized experts in the field of infection control.

We practice UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS, which means that we treat every patient as infectious, whether he or she is infected or not.

We STERILIZE all instruments used in the office, utilizing both dry heat and chemical sterilization to destroy all forms of microbial life.

We DISINFECT all other items used during your appointment that were not used inside the mouth with chemical disinfectants.

All clinical personnel use ANTIMICROBIAL HAND SOAP. All clinical personnel use a NEW PAIR OF GLOVES for each patient.

We use appropriate BARRIER TECHNIQUES for an orthodontic office. The use of gowns or uniforms, masks and eyewear are not always necessary, but will be worn during special procedures, such as during braces removal or when using the high-speed drill. We have been VACCINATED against Hepatitis B, therefore, we cannot contract this infection or pass it on to you.

We believe that the CONTINUOUS EDUCATION of our staff will allow us to always answer any of your questions.